SA, Moz scrap visas  14/09/2004 10:41  - (SA)  

Maputo - Mozambique and South Africa have decided to abolish visas for their citizens visiting each other's countries, a senior Mozambican official said on Tuesday.

A joint technical team is finalising arrangements so that the new system can come into force soon, even in as little as a month, deputy minister of foreign affairs and co-operation Francis Rodrigues said on Mozambican Television.

The news has been warmly welcomed in Mozambique as it will end years of stringent visa requirements imposed by South Africa to control illegal immigration.

Visa restrictions were tightened in 2002 and included a high fee of R430 which was non-refundable if a visa was refused.

Mozambicans were also required to present large sums of money to show they would be able to cover their living expenses in South Africa.

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Goeidag aan alle instrukteurs en ‘duikmeesters’

 Ons beplan om ‘n maandelikse nuusbrief uit te gee, en ons sien uit na u insette. Die publikasie behoort teen die begin van Augustus beskikbaar te wees. As u enige nuus, wenke, snaakse stories, interessante foto’s, of selfs duik grappe het, e-pos my gerus na office@cmas.co.za of faks inligting na (011) 955-3974. Die tweetaling nuusbrief sal selfs ‘n spesiale hoekie bevat waar jy iets kan verkoop, verruil, of sommer net weggee.

Vriendelike Groete, Zerelda


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News about Signal Hill at  Ponta do Ouro

Please note that the large hill (traditionally known as signal hill), situated between Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malangane, is now PRIVATE PROPERTY, as it has been sold. With immediate effect, it is out of bounds. Should you venture up the hill in your 4x4 or quad-bike, the chances are you will be stopped by the Police and fined.

Therefore, please avoid this hill at all times so as to avoid a potentially ugly situation.

When driving anywhere in this Southern Mozambique area, please drive responsibly, stay on the demarcated roads/tracks, and carry copies of your passport, driver's license and vehicle papers with you at all times. If approached, never hand over your original document, if you can help it.

Should you receive a fine for whatever the reason, please request an official receipt of your payment. If no receipt is offered or issued, you are only helping corruption to grow further amongst the officials.


Prof Johnny

I regret to inform you that one of CMAS-ISA executive council members,prof Johnny,died at sordwana last week  in an accident with a rebreather. He was a stalwart of diving and will be missed.

Regards, Lappies

bulletAn update on the latest about the fatality at Wondergat - the investigation showed that the deceased diver had an burst stomach ulcer, causing her to choke on the blood which caused the drowning. Apparently there was no damage to her lungs as originally was thought! But it still remains that she showed at 20m that she experienced trouble and it was apparently ignored.
bulletDiver killed by a shark at Sodwana: Please note the diver killed by a shark on sordies was a spearfisherman who suffered a shallow water blackout and was subsequently taken by the shark-

(Info obtained from Melony - the person was one of her friends)


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